Microsoft Project Professional 2013 Basic-Advanced Level

Microsoft Project Professional 2013 Basic-Advanced Level

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This course has been designed to lead you step-by-step through all the tasks you are most likely to want to perform in Microsoft Office Project 2013. If you start at the beginning and work your way through all the exercises, you will gain enough proficiency to be able to create and work with Project files.


Module 1 : Understand the family of Microsoft Office Project 2013 products. Understand what a good project management tool can help you Getting Started with MS accomplish. Project Start Project Standard or Project Professional, and identify the major parts of the Project window. Use views to work with project plan details in different ways. Use reports to print project plan details. Create a project plan and enter a project start date. Set the working and nonworking time for a project. Enter a project plan’s properties.

Module 2 : Enter task information. Estimate and enter how long each task should last. Creating a Task List Create a milestone to track an important event. Organize tasks into phases. Create task relationships by linking tasks. Record task details in notes and insert a hyperlink to content on the Internet. Check a project plan’s overall duration.

Module 3 : Set up basic resource information for the people who work on projects. Enter basic resource information for the equipment that will be used in Setting Up Resources projects. Enter resource information for the materials that will be consumed as the project progresses. Enter cost resource information for financial tracking. Set up cost information for work resources. Change a resource’s availability for work. Record additional information about a resource in a note.

Module 4 : Assign work resources to tasks. Assigning Resources to Control how Project schedules additional resource assignments. Tasks Assign material and cost resources to tasks.

Module 5 : Customize a view and preview the way it will look when printed. Draw on the chart portion of a Gantt Chart view. Formatting and Printing Change the formatting of text in a project plan. your plan Edit and print reports.

Module 6 : Save current values in a schedule as a baseline. Record progress on tasks through a specific date. Tracking Progress on Record a task’s percentage of completion. Tasks Enter actual work and duration values for tasks.

Module 7 : Adjust task links to have more control over how tasks are related. Apply a constraint to a task. Fine-Tuning Task Details Identify the tasks on the critical path. Split a task to record an interruption in work. Create a task calendar and apply it to tasks. Change a task type to control how Project schedules tasks. Record deadlines for tasks. Enter a fixed cost and specify how it should accrue. Set up a recurring task in the project schedule.

Module 8 : Set up different pay rates for resources. Set up pay rates that will change over time for a resource. Fine-Tuning Resources Set resource availability to change over time. and Assignment Details Delay the start of a resource assignment. Control how a resource’s work on a task is scheduled over time by using work contours. Apply different cost rates for a resource assigned to different kinds of tasks. Enter variable consumption rates for material resources. 

Module 9 : Look at how resources are scheduled to work over the duration of a project. Fine-Tuning the Project Edit a resource assignment to resolve a resource overallocation. Plan Resolve resource overallocations automatically. See detailed and overall project costs. See tasks on the critical path that determines a project’s finish date.

Module 10 : Sort task and resource data. Organizing and Display task and resource data in groups. Formatting Project Details Filter or highlight task and resource data. Create a custom table. Create a custom view.

Module 11 : Change page setup options for views and reports. Printing Project Print a view. Information Print a report. 

Module 12 : Copy and paste data to and from Project. Use Project to open a file produced in another program. Sharing Project Save Project data to other file formats using import/export maps. Information with other Generate a new Office document that contains essential project details Program and an illustration. Generate new Excel and Visio documents using the Visual Reports feature.

Module 13 : Update a previously saved baseline plan. Tracking Progress on Record actual work for tasks and assignments. Tasks and Assignment Record actual work by time period. Interrupt work on a task and specify the date on which the task should start again. 

Module 14 : Determine which tasks were started or completed late. Viewing and Reporting View task costs at summary and detail levels. Project Status Examine resource costs and variance. Use custom fields to create a stoplight view that illustrates each task’s cost variance.

Module 15 : Assign additional resources to tasks to reduce task durations. Getting your Project Back Edit work values for resource assignments and replace resources assigned on Track to tasks. Assign overtime work to assignments and change task relationships to compress the overall project duration.

Module 16 : Format the Gantt Chart view. Applying Advanced Format the Network Diagram view. Formatting Format the Calendar view. 

Module 17 : Copy a customized element, such as a table, from one project plan to Customizing Project another by using the Organizer. Record and play back a macro. Edit a macro in the Visual Basic Editor. Create a custom toolbar. 

Module 18 : Set a status date and see earned value indicators for schedule Measuring Performance performance. with Earned Value See earned value cost performance indicators. Analysis Generate the earned value visual report.

Module 19 : Create a resource pool to share resources across multiple projects. Look at resource allocation across multiple projects. Consolidating Projects and Change resource assignments in a sharer plan, and see the effects in the Resources resource pool. Change a resource’s working time in the resource pool, and see the effects in the sharer plan. Make a specific date nonworking time in the resource pool, and see the effects in the sharer plan. Create a project plan, and make it a sharer plan for the resource pool. Manually update the resource pool from a sharer plan. Insert project plans to create a consolidated project. Link tasks between two project plans.


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